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LAST CLINICAL : Supplementation with a fish protein hydrolysate (Micromesistius poutassou) : effects on body weight, body composition, and CCK/GLP-1 secretion, 2016, Food and Nutrition Research, IF: 2,162


PILOT TRIAL : Evaluation of the satiatiing properties of a fish protein hydrolysate among overweight women,: a pilot study, 2014, Nutrition and Food Science


IN VIVO : In vitro and in vivo evidence for a satiating effect of fish protein hydrolysate obtained from blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) muscle, 2012, Journal of Functional Foods, IF: 2,446


IN VITRO : Peptides from fish and crustacean by-products hydrolysates stimulate cholecystokinin release in STC-1 cells, 2008, Food Chemistry, IF: 3,655

Testé cliniquement 

Testé cliniquement

Perte de 3,5 kg en 3 mois dont 2,9 kg de masse grasse


Moins 4 cm de tour de taille et moins 2,9 cm de tour de cuisses