how does it work ? 


Natural action 

of digestion !

Natural process of digestion 

Natural process of digestion
Slimpro® improves and amplifies a natural physiological mechanism already occurring during the digestion process. Indeed, ingestion of foods especially food protein, induces production of intestinal hormones called satiating hormones.
Among these, cholecystokinin (CCK) and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) are now well known for their satiating properties and their involvement in the regulation of food intake. In fact, these hormones send a signal proportional to their concentration to the brain indicating the end of the meal. The second effect is to delay hunger for the next meal.

No frustrations, no side effect 

Taken daily before meals, Slimpro® increases the production of CCK and GLP-1 in the body, thus amplifying messages associated with a decrease of food intake.
Promising results were reported from in vivo et in vitro trials of these molecules that may control food intake.
Scientists have described this ingredient as a direct action on the hunger process.

It is therefore quite naturally and without side effects such as bloating and other digestive discomfort, that Slimpro® helps you to control your food intake without frustration or cravings.